Our Trustees

Damian Howard, Chairman

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I feel very privileged to be a trustee of this amazing charity.  Memories Are Golden is a local community hub that brings together people living with dementia and individuals who are living alone and at risk of social isolation.

I shall never forget my first experience when I visited the hub.  I was greeted by the attendees that day – a smiling, singing, and laughing group who were immersed in a full on, sing along! I turned the corner to see that a roast chicken was in the oven and lunch was quietly and efficiently being prepared in the kitchen. From tea parties to fish and chips in Felixstowe, I know that this hub is a very special place and run by passionate people that care. I am delighted to do what I can to support them.

Tracy Faulkner, Deputy Chair Person

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Memories Are Golden is a charity very close to my heart.  My father passed away a few years ago but prior to this had been diagnosed with dementia which stayed with him for a considerable period of time. Walking into Memories Are Golden filled me with joy, the staff are just fantastic and help create what is very special atmosphere.

The data is there for all to see, with dementia and social isolation increasing exponentially, there is a greater need than ever before for hubs and centres to be established and offer support in local communities.  Putting myself forward to become a trustee enables me to play some small part in trying to make sure others do not endure the same dreadful situation in which my father and his immediate family found ourselves.

Jade Donno, Secretary

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Memories Are Golden is a very special part of our community. Haverhill has a large number of people living with dementia and so the hub is a necessity for the town and our local community. When the opportunity to become a trustee came about, I was thrilled to help this amazing charity, Memories Are Golden does so much good. The thought of anyone battling with social isolation or dementia really breaks my heart and knowing that there is a place in our community that can help both the individual and their families for a day or two is really wonderful.

Walking into the hub you are met with such joy from everyone. I feel that hubs like this should be widely available to give those in need the support and sense of community that is lacking in so many areas. As a trustee I hope I can help to spread the word about this hub. 

Kelly Kennedy Smith, Community Hub Manager

Memories Are Golden
Memories Are Golden is very special to me. It has been incredibly rewarding to see it grow over the last couple of years. I love to see a smile on everyone’s faces and watch them enjoying themselves, but most of all  I love seeing them building friendships.

The hub is run by community carers and a cook who are all amazing to work with. We have 7 caring and understanding volunteers that help us throughout the week. We have many regular attendees, most of whom come for at least 3 days a week. We make sure to get to know all individuals on a personal level and get to understand their needs, likes and dislikes. We incorporate their interests into our activity weeks, too. They enjoy days out, especially the seaside and to see them enjoying the sea air and having fish & chips along the promenade is heart-warming.