Our Trustees

Dave Kennedy, Chairman


Being a Trustee is an especially important role particularly when it comes to a local small Charity. I have been involved in Charity fundraising for a number of years and continue to carry out this role for Memories are Golden. Trustees have an important role to oversee the operation of the Charity. To this end my role as a Trustee is very important.

Kelly Kennedy-Smith, Community Hub Manager

Memories Are Golden

Memories Are Golden is very special to me. It has been incredibly rewarding to see it grow over the last couple of years. I love to see a smile on everyone’s faces and watch them enjoying themselves, but most of all  I love seeing them building friendships.

The hub is run by community carers and a cook who are all amazing to work with. We have 7 caring and understanding volunteers that help us throughout the week. We have many regular attendees, most of whom come for at least 3 days a week. We make sure to get to know all individuals on a personal level and get to understand their needs, likes and dislikes. We incorporate their interests into our activity weeks, too. They enjoy days out, especially the seaside and to see them enjoying the sea air and having fish & chips along the promenade is heart-warming.

Isabel Osborne

Trustee, Secretary, Haverhill Community Care

Hi, My name is Isabel Osborne I work for Haverhill community care as HR Manager, I have worked in the care sector for 11 years and dealt with many people living with Dementia over that period of time. I assisted Memories are Golden with the Pilot scheme until it was up and running. It has been very successful and continues to grow. I became a member of the trustees to assist in any way I can and to contribute to the facilities that Memories are golden provide to the local community.


Carol Long

Trustee, Treasurer

Memories are Golden is a wonderful asset to our community, dementia can affect anyone, its not always the elderly. When I first walked into Memories are Golden it was lovely to see happy faces with a real sense of joy. I am proud to be a trustee of this wonderful organisation.

Corinne Wood


I first came across Memories Are Golden when my mum was diagnosed with Dementia.  She became a regular visitor to the Hub several times a week & vastly improving her quality of life on a daily basis.  This friendly & caring team take time to interact with everyone, provide fun activities and have regular trips out to the seaside or afternoon tea etc. 

I became a Trustee to help to ensure that anyone else finding themselves in this position will also continue to receive the support and care from this fabulous charity and the team that we were so lucky to receive. 


Michael Simpkin


Having been a trustee for Citizens Advice West Suffolk (CAWS) for 12 years, which came to an end in 2023, and being asked if I would be interested in becoming a trustee for Memories Are Golden (MAG). 

Having heard of MAG I decided to do some research on the organisation and having friends that have/had family/friends with dementia which is such a life changing condition, was interested in finding out more. 

With the formal interviews and looking around the organisation, I was very impressed with the whole setup and the way it was helping those with dementia and the carers with respite 

As a trustee, I hope I will be able to input from my experience gained as a trustee of CAWS in any way I can to help MAG continue to support those in the community who require their help